Child Freed from a Snake Spirit

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Eight years ago, my wife and I brought a beautiful little four year old boy home with the intention of adopting him as soon as the law would permit. This little guy was a dream come true. We were so excited, we couldn’t believe he was going to be our very own son.

Our dream turned into a nightmare within days of bringing him home. One day without provocation, he suddenly became enraged and start screaming and throwing things and kicking us and kicking the walls. He screamed such filthy obscenities we were horrified. As horrifying as all this was, I think we could have dealt with it if it had just been an anger problem. But that was only the beginning. He soon started turning into a serpent like creature, hissing and slithering across the floor just like a snake. This started happening about once or twice a week. It turned our life and home into a living horror story.

Each incident ended the same way. After a few minutes, he would curl up in a fetal position and remain that way until he regained his senses and then say in a childlike repentant voice, “I did something naughty, didn’t I.” This nightmare went on for weeks and we felt like we were all going insane. After each agonizing bout, we would try to gather our wits and pray that this one would be the last time. But it happened again and again.

I struggled with my thoughts for as long as I could and finally admitted to myself what I had been afraid to even entertain before. Our little boy had demons living in him and we were all being tormented by them.

I took him to my Pastor and explained what was happening and Pastor Dave agreed it was demonic. He prayed for our son and I took him home almost afraid to hope he was free. I counted each day thanking God for his miraculous deliverance. On the 29th day, he had another incident just like the previous ones. We were totally devastated.

I called to set up another appointment but Pastor was out of town so I ask to have Jess Parker pray for him. I shared with him how Pastor had prayed and he was fine for 28 days. God revealed to Jess that there were legal rights the demon had from sexual abuse his biological mother had suffered while she was pregnant with our son. He prayed a prayer of repentance for the sin perpetrated against his biological mother and then commanded the snake demon to leave. The demon fought and resisted for about thirty minutes and then came out.

That was eight years ago and our son has never had any recurrence of that demonic nightmare to this day. He is a fine young man and we are so proud of him, and so grateful to God for setting him free of that horrible snake demon.