Prayer to continued daily protection from demonic forces...casting out unforgiveness, bitterness,

Hello, Met you when your group came to Homer, Ak last week. Thank you for coming, met with Katie and I felt alot better after she prayed over me and said some things/Demons left me. I am writing to ask how can I pray to continue to protect myself from demonic forces daily. Both my husband and I feel like there is more peace or a calmness between us after sitting in your conference while youprayed over the whole congretation. I personally felt something leave me twice as you prayed over everyone. Katie, I had a session with you downstairs the first day...thank you for all you did for me and praying over me those two days...

Hello Dear One,

We are happy you saw some benefit from attending the TDS Conference in Homer, Alaska.  We were blessed to have been there and to meet so many dear people like yourself.  You do have the same authority to drive demons out as we do.  You can put the prayer CDs in (I can't remember what you bought) if that is what you purchased , and just by listening and agreeing with them you will gain more freedom.  But you can also continue to pray against any evil spirits you are dealing with by commanding them to go, pray in your prayer language and quote Scripture.  Keep up the pressure on them until you know they are gone.

You and your husband both or either of you can pray over your home as well and gain more freedom.  Every time you sense something doesn't feel right, spend some time commanding the spirits to leave.  You can pray over your mind at night if you are not sleeping well and you will see a difference.

Be richly blessed as you pursue freedom through the power of Jesus Christ.

Katie Jackson

TDS Ministries